"Googler 0.2" – Michał Wawrzyniak

Versus Gallery, ul. Jatki 11
Exhibition open: 18.10.2017 – 5.11.2017
Opening: 18.10.2017, 8 pm

Can you feel it?
The Monitors of Your Every Move are closing in
checking calculating bugging tracking
step by step
are you still fit
or ripe for quarantine
or for the trash heap
don’t smile
won’t get you anywhere
they’re highly qualified
there’s no fooling them
Lords of life and death
He studied Resocialisation Pedagogy at the University of Opole, 1997–2002. Graduated from the Psychology Institute at the University of Opole, 2008.
Since 2011 he has performed as an actor and musician at the Teatr Jednego Wiersza (Theatre of One Poem) in Opole. He has participated in 7 individual and 5 group exhibitions.
He likes reading biographies and watching science fiction films.