"Internal Experiences" – Dominika Graboś

BB Gallery, ul. Jatki 3–6
Exhibition open: 10.10.2017 – 5.11.2017
Opening: 18.10.2017, 8 pm

Words, looks, minor disappointments... Daily events that chafe, that, however, are so trivial that they can be ignored – removed like splinters that stick in your finger. It hurts, but when we get rid of them, we forget about them quickly. The problem arises when we aren’t able to do that. Your finger, hand, body all start to hurt...

A small problem becomes a major one. We feel more and more crushed, but instead of getting rid of it and throwing off our emotions, we still accumulate them within ourselves. Every unspoken word grows in us and ”pushes” from the inside. It tries to get out, but is imprisoned in the throat.

The emotions we experience affect our body – when we feel happy, we are loose and relaxed. As a result of stress, we tense our muscles, and the longer this condition lasts, the more our body stiffens. We become increasingly hunched.

In my work I picture the states we find ourselves in under the influence of daily stress. In the installation Internal Experiences the most important element is the black ball. It is presented in various contexts, it illustrates my personal experiences resulting from my relationship with the surrounding reality.

Graduated from the Tadeusz Kantor Art School in Dąbrowa Górnicza with a specialisation in glass, 2012. Graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass at the E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, Poland, 2017. She has participated in design festivals organized in Poland: Gdynia Design Days, Gdynia, 2016; Łódź Design Festival, Łódź, 2016; Wawa Design Festival, Warszawa, 2016. Currently she is working in the Glass Manufactory Puck Glas, Puck, Poland.